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No matter what your prescription or condition, we have the corrective eye wear you need to improve your eyesight, transform your style, and protect your eyes from UV rays and further complications.  Our licensed opticians will help measure and fit lenses for the frames you select. 

To start, our opticians will assist you in selecting the best frame for you from our inventory. We take great pride offering a selection of frames in latest lines of designer, top quality eyeglasses. After selecting your frames, we will match them with the latest technology in lens development to complete the perfect pair for you. We carry many different lens designs and treatments, and every option will be thoroughly explained to you so you can make the decision that fits you best. We have everything from Transitions lenses that adapt to the perfect shade so you see with just the right amount of light, or advanced non-glare lenses to help with night driving and computer use.

We offer competitive pricing, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed. Whether you have worn glasses for a lifetime or are making your first eyewear purchase, you will receive “one of a kind” service, selection, and quality

Already have a prescription? We will gladly fill any current glasses prescription, whether you got it at our office or elsewhere.

Designers We Carry:

We carry popular designers such as Wiley X, Ray-Ban, Ann Taylor, Vera Bradley, Lilly Pulitzer, Fysh, Calvin Klein, Nautica, and many more!

Lens Materials We Offer:

Glass is very heavy, can break or chip easily and can potentially cause serious eye injuries. The are also very expensive. For these reasons, glass lenses are no longer used for eyeglasses except on a special circumstance. Here are the lens types we recommend, along with their features and benefits:

POLYCARBONATE: Polycarbonate is lighter and significantly more impact-resistant than plastic, making it the safest lens material and our preferred lens material.

HIGH INDEX: These lenses are much thinner than plastic lenses, and are highly recommended for those with high prescriptions.

ASPHERIC LENSES: this means the lens curvature changes gradually from the center of the lens to its edge, resulting in less unwanted magnification of the wearer's eyes, for an overall better appearance. Aspheric designs also improve the clarity of the wearer's peripheral vision.​

Lens Treatments We Offer:

Lens Treatments We Offer:

Male model with glasses

For the most comfortable, durable and attractive glasses, the following lens treatments are essential.

UV PROTECTION: Over time, exposure to the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation has been associated with age-related eye problems such as cataracts and macular degeneration. For this reason, you should always protect your eyes from these harmful rays, beginning in early childhood.

SCRATCH RESISTANT: No matter how careful you are with your glasses, we all know that lenses will eventually scratch. Adding a scratch coating doesn’t make your glasses “scratch proof” but they will make them very durable and scratch-resistant. If you are particularly hard on your glasses, make sure to inquire about the warranty we offer against scratches for a specific period of time.  

ANTI-REFLECTIVE (AR): This is a glare coating that makes all eyeglass lenses better. It eliminates reflections in lenses that reduce contrast and clarity, especially at night. They also make your lenses nearly invisible, so others won't be distracted by reflections in your lenses (and help with reflections in photos as well). 

TRANSITIONS: This option changes your lenses from light to dark automatically in response to the sun's UV. If you are not buying a separate pair of prescription sunglasses, this is a must with all the scientific data we now have on how harmful UV is to the eye.

POLARIZED: Polarized lenses are specially designed to filter out certain types of glare that tend to radiate upward from horizontal surfaces when sunlight bounces off of these surfaces. They are recommended for tasks such as boating, fishing, skiing, golfing, jogging, and driving. 

Prescription Lens Types We Offer:

No two set of eyes are alike, so we choose eyeglass lenses that help you meet your individual vision needs.

SINGLE VISION: These lenses contain one power from edge to edge. Typically prescribed to correct for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, they're the most common type of prescription lens.

LINED BIFOCAL/TRIFOCAL: These lenses provide two or three focal points in one lens to help you see both close-up and far-away. They have a distinct line in the lens to indicate where the prescription changes to let you know where to look to see near (below the line) or far (above the line).

PROGRESSIVES (NO LINE BIFOCAL): These lenses provides near, intermediate and distance vision in a more natural way. They gradually change from distance to near, and cosmetically they look better because they do not have a line (meaning no one can tell you're wearing a bifocal!).

Can I Order My Glasses Online?

Yes, you can. But before you go and order that online "special", be aware that New York State law requires prescription eye wear to be fit and dispensed in person by a licensed practitioner. Our highly trained opticians and optometrists will take several measurements that simply cannot be conveyed over the phone or online. They take into account the width of your face, shape of your nose/ears and overall size of your head when helping you choose the right frame. These measurements, along with bifocal/multifocal heights, can ONLY be taken in person while you are wearing your selected frame, sitting face to face with the dispenser. It is also important to discuss all of the lens options available (such as form, thickness, material, etc.) and which is best for you.

So while you may be thinking you found the bigger, better deal online, BEWARE. An incorrectly made pair of eyeglasses can result in blurry vision, eye fatigue or headaches. The quality and safety of prescription glasses ordered online is questionable, and studies have actually shown that  nearly half of all glasses ordered online either contained an inaccurate prescription or didn’t meet safety standards designed to protect your eyes. You only get one set of eyes, leave it to the professionals to determine what's right for you!

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