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If they are over 6 months old, the answer is NOW! The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends eye examinations at 6 months, 3 years and right before the start of kindergarten. 


Eyesight plays a significant role in your child's ability to read, learn, and function in their day to day activities. Having eye or vision problems can lead to difficulties in school and overall development.

At Wadas Eye, we offer comprehensive pediatric care.

How is this different than a vision screening?

Screenings at school or at a pediatricians office primarily check for distance vision issues. However, there are several other skills that are an important part of a child's vision, such as the ability to focus the eyes and to move the eyes over words from left to right in order to read.  

See the comparison below:

Raising Hands

School Screening





Checks distance 


Grossly checks 

eye health

Eye doctor

Checks vision at 

all distances

Thorough evaluation of eye health

Check eye movements and 

alignment/eye turn


Lazy eye evaluation

Color & depth


Schedule an exam with our Pediatric Specialist today to be sure your child is seeing well and has healthy eyes!

Pediatric Eye Examinations

When should your child get their eyes examined?

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